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Africa in the world, the world in Africa

L'Africa nel mondo, il mondo in Africa


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The conveners of conference had as a starting point the idea of the existence of a continuous interplay between Africa as an extremely variegated and multifaceted cultural reality and the rest of the world. The conference aimed at shedding light on the bijective nature of the relationships linking Africa to world not only from an historical perspective but considering a global civilizational landscape. The title Africa in the world, the world in Africa comes exactly from here, meaning a reciprocal meeting with an Other and a reaction to it.

Accademia Ambrosiana Africana Ambrosiana

  1. L’Africa, l’Oriente mediterraneo e l’Europa
  2. Person, Transcendence, Powers in Africa – Persona, trascendenza e poteri in Africa
  3. Written Sources about Africa and Their Study – Le fonti scritte sull’Africa e i loro studi
  4. Time and History in Africa – Tempo e storia in Africa
  5. Africa in the World, the World in Africa – L’Africa nel mondo, il mondo in Africa

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