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ITL Libri’s catalogue is highly articulated and the books are distributed among three different publishing brands: Centro Ambrosiano, In Dialogo and IPL.
Particular attention is given to religious publishing for children, from comics on the lives of saints to catechetical tools.
ITL Libri is the official publishing house of the Diocese of Milan. In the footsteps of the teachings of the Archbishops of Milan, especially from Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini to the current Archbishop Mario Delpini, ITL Libri gives much space to biblical spirituality, prayer, family, catechesis. And, moreover, space is given to major topical issues – peace, dialogue, education, promotion of women – and to themes of artistic and cultural relevance.

Each publishing brand focuses on particular themes or publishing topics.

CENTRO AMBROSIANO. A brand destined for the official publications of the diocese, it boasts a rich catalogue that collects the thoughts of prestigious authors of yesterday and today with topics related to the Magisterium of the Church, catechesis, the formation of the clergy and laity, and spirituality, as well as offering tools for the pastoral life of Christian communities. It also publishes the fruit of research by scholars at the “Archivio Storico Diocesano” and the “Biblioteca Ambrosiana”, and volumes dealing with the relationship between art and faith.

IN DIALOGO. A brand born within the framework of Catholic Action in Milan, it collects volumes with an educational and formative approach with a focus on the youth, family and social world and on tools for growth in faith and life in the community.

IPL. It collects volumes on integration, solidarity, stories and biographies of redemption and hope, as well as unique works by prestigious signatures, intended for a wide audience and unique in the publishing panorama such as the Biblical and Tourist Guide to the Holy Land and the Biblical Dictionary of Italian Literature., Elena Bolognesi

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